1 out of 1000

5 handed in a c50-$1 cash game. It�s the end of the night, a couple hundred dollars on the table. I get Ah Jh on the button and make it 3 to go. Three of the four players call me. Flop comes Kh 5h 8h. I flopped the nut flush. They all check to me, I bet 2 (they know I play position, so I bet weak expecting one to try to come over the top and steal it). Just as expected, the small blind player to my left makes it 5. The other two fold. Now I do my best acting job. I know the re-raiser is a thick-headed emotional type. Way too sensitive for poker. I know if I play back at him he could commit his stack either on a continuation of his bluff or lower flush. I count my chips, stack and un-stack, look at him and the board. I was keeping pretty consistent behavior with the rest of the night. After about 15 seconds I say, �no heart for you� (implying that I had a strong pair but no draw and didn�t want a 4th heart to fall) and I raise it to 9. Not more than a second goes by before the words �all-in� come out of his mouth. I call instantly. He knew he was caught. As Im counting his chips, out of the corner of my eye I see him leaning back and looking at the ceiling in a state of disgust. Because I�m an ass, I made him flip his cards before I showed mine. He has As 9h. I triumphantly throw my Ah Jh onto the board and proceed to mutter �you are drawing dead�. Then the turn � 7h. It is all happening so fast I don�t even see what is possible. But guess what the river is, a 6h. NO ONE NOTICED IT except for me. I stood up sharply from my chair and began to walk to the door to smoke a cigarette. Then, ten seconds later, I hear �oh shit he got a straight flush� followed by several minutes of hysterical cackling. I checked the stats for this beat, As 9h was 0.1% to win. 1 out of 1000. Good thing only 80 bucks was at stake.


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