How can I get off this?

I was playing in my local 7/14 NL game with my best friend (who is horrible poker player) His name is Rolo. He is fairly new to the game so I was gonna take it easy on him amidst the play. After playing about 15 to 80 orbits and maintaining my loose-weak play we collided in a monster together. I limped with red 2's UTG, it folded around to Rolo in the BB, he raised to $43, I called. The flop came 9s js Ad, He checked, I sensed weakness so I bet $14 to see if I could get him off his high cards... nope he called. Turn came Ac. Perfect card for me to represent the Ace. He checked again I aggressively bet $20 hoping he would fold. He then raised the rest of his stack which was about $1800, this was clearly showing that he was on a draw. I thought about it for about 5 minutes and said I call... Aces up... you drawing? he flipped over Qs 10s for a busted str8 flush draw. I just had to survive any 9, J, 10, Q, 8, K or any spade except the As (cuz that would boat me up). Sure I run bad, he rivers a 10d to win the $3,950 pot. GEEEEEEEEEEZ let the best hand hold one time!!! Thanks for reading this FatCalf85


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