Jacks leave me broke

I was playing at the $2/5 No-limit table at my local casino. After about 5 hours of play i was doing pretty good with about $800 from my original buy in of $200. Now on to the hand in question. I was in the big blind and to my delight I have pocket jacks with 7 players on the table. The chip leader (nearly $1200) raises under the gun to $25. Everyone folds around to me as I calmly called. Onto the flop. Flop comes out Jd 9s 8c. Now this is a little scary. I check and my opponent made a decent bet of $75. I think for a moment and smooth call. The turn revealed the last Jack(Js). I could hardly contain my excitement. I check this monster and my opponent bets out again this time $200 to which I re-raise to all in. My opponent calls with a grin as he flips his Qs 10s then sees that he is up to quad jacks with his lowly straight. I tell him good hand as he replies its not over. Then it happened. The dealer peels off that Ks to give my opponent the straight flush. Now you might be thinking sure you did lose but surely your casino has a bad beat pot. You would be right in assuming that but to add insult to injury I had actually witnessed that whole bad beat pool be emptied earlier in my session. So I walked away from the table with my measly $55 to buy a few rounds at the bar.


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