Sank My Boat

Sitting in the small blind at a 20/40 limit hold'em table I was raised by the button after looking down at my beautiful pocket rockets I decided not to play it slow so I re-raised to 160 hoping the button had a lower pair or a large ace, the button called after the big blind folded to flop came AH 3H 8D sweet I had trips so I slow played by checking and the button raised so in order to get max value I just called, the turn came 3S making my full house so loving it I checked again hoping he would bet and sure enough he bet so I called again planning to bet on the river, river comes 5H so I bet and to my delight i was greeted with a re raise so hoping he had made his flush I re raised he raises again so not to put to much pain on him I called turned over my aces full and waited for my chips to come.... and waited ..... and waited? only to see the dealer push the chips to the button who to my horror raised and called with 2 4 of hearts and making his straight flush on the river sank my boat and took my chips.


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